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Many people may ask themselves, “Why do I need an architect?” when embarking on a building project. The truth is, an architect plays a crucial role in the design, planning, and construction process, ensuring a beautiful, functional and safe final result that meets the client’s needs.

You will find many descriptions of what we do as a profession and why you need an Architect to assist you. For detailed descriptions just look up on Google “What does an architect do?”

Architects bring a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, as well as a range of services, from creative designs & problem-solving to their knowledge of building codes and regulations.

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Every practice will have very similar answers, so I’m not going to bore you here. Generally, we don’t ask the question:

  • Why do we need an Accountant?
  • Why do we need a Doctor?
  • Why do we need a Lawyer?

For some reason, Architects feel the need to explain the reason for their existence, why they have trained for 5 years, why they have done 2 years of professional training, why they have probably worked their way up in well-known practices to gain experience finally starting their own practice.

A Brief History Of Architecture

Building firstly for shelter, then settlement and finally creating larger towns and cities is not something new. People have been building for thousands of years, you don’t look at the pyramids, the Greek temples, Rome, Renaissance Italy and the modern city as we know it and ask which profession we can attribute these designs to.

We know intrinsically there was a unique person or group who came together, put pen to paper and found a group of people who were forced in some cases and then paid by their own labour to lay bricks, blocks, pour cement, create openings for light, systems for heating lighting and the list goes on.

The question is what architects do now to what they did then, well strangely enough they do very similar things!

So, Why Do I Need An Architect?

Human nature certainly hasn’t changed but we do live in a far more complex society with many more rules, Party Wall, structural engineers, CDM regulations and so on.

An architect can offer guidance and support throughout every stage of your project. From initial ideas to final construction, they can help to ensure that your vision is realised to the fullest. By working with an architect, you can create a space that is not only functional and safe but also beautiful and inspiring.

Ultimately, we create joy, a beautiful environment to live your life, to bring up your family and a backdrop for making memories.

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