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Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge + Creative Design

Delivering beautiful, well-considered and lasting projects


We put relationships with our clients first. We understand the big commitment you are making to renovating or building your home. We understand that it’s not just a financial commitment, but that it involves time and emotional input too. That’s why we put relationships and clear communication between each other before anything else and ensure that you can put your trust in us to guide your project through every stage of the building process.


We’ll bet that the level of attention we give you and your project cannot be matched by another architect. Because we are a small team, our communication channels are always open and you will always have uninterrupted contact with our director, Peter Ungar. We always deliver more than what is asked of us, because our commitment to you and your project is greater than our desire to generate big profits.


We set ourselves apart by:

  • Building a solid relationship with you from the start
  • Imparting local knowledge to get your project approved and built
  • Providing regular, open communication with our director
  • Giving your project rigorous attention to detail because we love what we do.

Recommended Architect

We are also one of Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust’s ‘Recommended Architects’, which means we have highly specialist knowledge of this particular area and are able to help ensure your project gets planning approval.

Working on sites with tight planning restrictions, on listed buildings and in conservation areas can be difficult, but with us on board, you’ll have the right experience coupled with creative and contextually appropriate solutions that take the headache out of any project.

Ungar Architects

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